The Team

The Team
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This is this fellow.  Sorry don't know their name


Kelly Rose is a multifaceted tattoo artist creating custom body art for clients in the Eastern GTA for over 10 years. Kelly thrives as a storyteller in the realm of body art. Her journey commenced with humble doodles, blossoming into an enduring passion that marries ink with human skin to craft tales of resilience, beauty, and love.

Kelly's artistry dances along the contours of emotion, breathing life into her creations with each stroke of the needle. Her designs, ranging from intricate florals to captivating geometric patterns, encapsulate the diverse narratives of those who bear them proudly.

Beyond the buzzing studio, Kelly's love of pink, florals and 80’s nostalgia fuels her creativity. From nature's quiet marvels to the vivacity of cultures worldwide, she draws inspiration from life's myriad facets. @kellrosetattoo on Instagram provides a portal into Kelly's artistic universe, where ink and skin meld to compose a symphony of individuality.


This is Derek


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